GCT’s Lab

The group has invested many efforts in acquiring proper equipment to carry out its research, in particular for material fabrication and property evaluation (mechanical, thermal conductivity).


Hence, we have :

Equipment for powder processing and forming:

freeze dryer, rheometer, viscosimeter, ultrasonicators, rotovapor, ball miller, robocasting (direct ink writing), 3D printer for polymers, extruder.

Coating techniques:

flame spraying from powders and wires with Accuraspray diagnosis system for determining temperature and velocity of in-fly particles, air-brush for slurries.

Special furnaces:

hot press, controlled atmosphere furnace, high vacuum joining furnace.

Specimen preparation:

automated precision cutting machines, CF4/O2 plasma etcher.

Properties and characterization:

instrumented microindentation, universal testing machine for compression tests,rugosimeter, infrared camera.


The group has wide expertise in the following ICV facilities: Spark plasma sintering, Thermal diffusivity by laser flash method, Thermal conductivity by MTPS/TPS, Tribometer and Scratch Testing.