Technical Ceramics Group

Protective coatings and multifunctional ceramic composites containing carbon nanostructures


The group has a portfolio of patents in following technological matters:

  • The fabrication of cellular structures and their use for applications as radiant gas burners. P200701465 and P200803060
  • Processing method to achieve ceramic composites with homogeneously dispersed carbon nanotubes. ES232601 8
  • Functionally graded material obtained by using one-step process based on the spark plasma sintering furnace. ES2335850 B1
  • Procedure for obtainig ceramic granulated feedstock for thermal spraying apllications. ES2357712 B1
  • Graphene hybrid materials and coatings ES1641.1062. PCT/ES2016/070434.
  • Process for production of graphene/silicon carbide ceramic composites. EP2897921 B1; US 9988313 B2; PCT WO2014047283 A1


Dr. M. Belmonte will present the invited talk “Graphene in ceramic composites” in the Royal Society of London during the scientific meeting "A cracking approach to inventing tough new materials: fracture stranger than friction”, London (UK), October 19-20, 2020 More information

Dr. M. Belmonte will present the invited talk “Multifunctional engineering ceramics containing graphene-based fillers” in the next 8th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC8), Busan (Korea), August 23-28, 2020 More information

Dr. M. Belmonte, Editorial Board Member of Ceramics (ISSN 2571-6131) , an international peer-reviewed open access journal of ceramics science and engineering published by MDPI More information

Dr. C. Ramirez and Prof. M: I. Osendi are Guest Editors of the Special Issue Graphene-based Materials, Their Composites and Potential Applications, of Materials, deadline submisions 30 November 2020 More information

The team (TCG) has become a member of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform for the development of Additive Manufacturing (FAB3D) of CSIC More information