Technical Ceramics Group

Protective coatings and multifunctional ceramic composites containing carbon nanostructures

1st Czech-Spanish Workshop on Characterization of Advanced Materials

Madrid, on 13th November, 2018

One-day workshop will be organized at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass (ICV-CSIC) in Madrid, on 13th November, 2018. The aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers from the Institute of Thermomechanics (Prague, Czech Republic) and ICV-CSIC (Madrid, Spain) working on the topic of advanced materials and their characterization. Participants will have great opportunity to share their research results in oral presentations and deepen already existing collaboration. Detailed program of the meeting will be announced soon.

The workshop will cover, among others, the following main topics:
  • Laser ultrasonics
  • Shape memory alloys
  • Metastable β-titanium alloys
  • Cellular ceramics
  • Protective coatings
  • Ceramic composites containing carbon nanostructures
  • Processing and sintering
Here you can see the program of the workshop.